Artist Statement

I believe art can change our perceptions of the people and world around us, broadening our perspectives in ways that cultivate greater respect for humanity and nature.

I work mostly with acrylics mixing photography and other media into my paintings finishing with oil paints. I am always exploring new ideas and finding inspiration in the world around me. In The City people are the nature. What excites me most about making art is creating something that no one has seen before.

I also find Inspiration in the art works of other artists. When I see a piece that inspires me I have the strong urge to go make art. It is also inspiring when people admire my work.

Since I first started drawing as a little kid I was drawn to eyes. I revisited painting and making eyes with in the past ten years and have found the same fascination that I had as a child.

inside studio 2020

My studio is in the Mission District in San Francisco on Clarion Alley, a location covered with murals and frequented by art-loving tourists from around the world. I am almost always there Thursday through Sunday in the afternoon. Stop by and take a look. Or contact me for an Appointment CircFire(at)

Outside My Art Studio

Outside My Art Studio on Clarion Alley – San Francisco – California